Assaf Adiv

online 2014

Palestinian workers in Israeli settlements: Contending with a regime of work permits and limited rights
online 25.02.14

online 2013

Equality for Israel's Arab citizens? Don't hold your breath!
online 12.11.13

Syria: The moral imperative
online 20.09.13

Daam Challenges the Arab Voters
online 17.02.13

online 2012

The Rothschild protest: Israel's "1905 revolution"
online 07.11.12

You want a welfare state? It's not about nostalgia, it's about class struggle
online 16.05.12

The crisis of violence in the Arab street
online 06.03.12

The Arab spring is alive and well and living in Egypt
online 19.01.12

online 2011

Histadrut unaffected by Arab winds of change
online 11.05.11

The Social Workers' Strike: A Setback with Important Lessons
online 22.04.11

Social workers’ strike: confronting a privatized state
online 24.03.11

online 2010

Politics at the Workers' Expense
online 14.11.10

Erdogan and Israel: Glitch or Rupture?
online 21.08.10

The Arab Sector: Israel's Springboard into the OECD?
online 21.04.10

online 2009

War on Scarecrows: Steinitz at the Treasury
online 31.12.09

War in Gaza: The Real Test for Meretz and the Israeli Left
online 03.02.09


The Winograd Report: Trumpeting the Next War
Issue 108, March/April 2008

The Teachers' Strike
From the Grass Roots Up

Issue 107, January/February 2008


Post Zionist Israel: The Rules Have Changed
Issue 106, November/December 2007

The Pension Scam
Issue 105, September/October 2007

Palestinian Quarry Workers Organize
Issue 104, July/August 2007

The Wall and the Sweatshops
Palestinian Workers in Abu Dis near Jerusalem

Issue 103, May/June 2007

Reforms versus Organized Labor
Issue 102, March/April 2007


Netanyahu Redux
Issue 100, November/December 2006

The Breaking of Organized Labor in Israel
Issue 98, July/August 2006

Arab Parties: Nervous but not united
Issue 96, March/April 2006

Amir Peretz: Capitalism in Pink
Issue 95, January/February 2006


Wisconsin in Israel: Punishing the Poor
Issue 93, September/October 2005

WAC: Reclaiming Jobs in Agriculture
Issue 90, March/April 2005

Two Workers Speak
Issue 89, January/February 2005


Gaza Cannot Survive Sharon-style" Disengagement"
Issue 86, July/August 2004
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