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online 2011

Prof. Victor J. Friedman
Laying the Groundwork for Change
A Review of Michael Riordon, Our Way to Fight: Peace-Work Under Siege in Israel-Palestine.

online 14.04.11

Roni Ben Efrat
Helena Ruegg and the Bandoneón:
An underground passage from Tango to Yiddish

online 13.03.11

Michal Schwartz
Dialogue with a cactus in a cottage cheese tub
online 19.01.11

Yoav Tamir
Artists and Workers against Racism: The 5th annual Bread and Roses exhibition
online 12.01.11

online 2010

Roni Ben Efrat
When Art Breaks Walls:
The Bread and Roses Exhibit of 2010

online 27.01.10

online 2009

Asma Agbarieh-Zahalka
Ajami, the Film: Surmounting Anger and Pain
online 30.12.09

Dani Ben Simhon
“29 km”
online 22.09.09

Efrat Blumenthal
Bread and Roses III
Exhibit on the Backdrop of the Gaza War

online 10.03.09


Navit Barel
Anthology of Class-Conscious Poetry

online 10.08.07


Dani Ben Simhon
1948 Haunts the Haifa Art Museum
Issue 108, March/April 2008


Roni Ben Efrat
Bread and Roses II: The Invisible Force
Issue 106, November/December 2007

Nir Nader
The Privatizing of the Israeli Mind
Poet Aharon Shabtai discusses the influence of the Occupation on Israeli culture

Issue 104, July/August 2007

Osnat Bar Or
Artists and Workers Meet in Kufr Qara
Issue 101, January/February 2007


Asma Agbarieh
Flamenco in Ladino: Interview with Yasmin Levy
Issue 100, November/December 2006

Dani Ben Simhon
Bread and Roses in Tel Aviv
Issue 100, November/December 2006


Dani Ben Simhon
Arab Artists in Israel Await No Favors
Issue 93, September/October 2005

Yonatan Preminger
Breaking Walls
Issue 89, January/February 2005

Orit Soudry
Art Sale for the Baqa Center
Issue 89, January/February 2005


Ishai Golan
WAC Youth Perform The Old House
Issue 88, November/December 2004

Yonatan Preminger
A Perfect Subject for Comedy
Issue 88, November/December 2004

Orit Soudry
Poetry from the Buttocks Ensemble
Issue 86, July/August 2004

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