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Issue 99, September/October 2006

The First Post-Zionist War

We devote most of this issue to The First Post-Zionist War, as our editorial names it. A lecture by Yacov Ben Efrat, 15 days into the fighting, calls it The War No One Wanted. On its 27th day, August 7, while rockets were falling in Galilee and Israeli bombs were destroying chunks of Lebanon, we interviewed political thinker Meron Benvenisti, who questions the tendency of Israeli leaders to turn every occasion into a war for existence. "If this must go on forever," he says, "then the whole enterprise was a mistake." Benvenisti prefers normality: "The Less Heroic, the Better."

Despite death and destruction in the Arab villages of Galilee, many there sided with Hezbollah. Among these was Israel's Communist Party (at least in its Arabic publications), which Found a Strange Bedfellow in its enemy's enemy: the Islamic fundamentalist Hezbollah.

The Workers Advice Center held its Seventh Annual General Assembly on July 29. We bring you its first part, a panel discussion by Social Organizations that Speak Out for an Alternative Trade Union.

The war began while WAC and HPH were holding their yearly summer camp. The topic was Curiosity as a Key to Change. It took the campers far away from the present chaos to the seemingly ordered realms of natural science, but the stress was on learning to dare to ask questions. For questions are the key to change.

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