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Issue 89, January/February 2005

On the Narrow Shoulders of Abu Mazen

PM Ariel Sharon has dubbed 2005 "the year of opportunities." Much of this optimism rests, says our editorial, On the Narrow Shoulders of Abu Mazen. The Elections for the Palestinian Presidency, it is hoped, will give Abu Mazen aSecond Try, providing Sharon with a docile partner for negotiations.

Israel pushes ahead meanwhile with its "monument to pessimism," the separation fence. (The phrase is Meron Benvinisti's.) Our correspondent rides The Za'atar Express, getting a first-hand lesson in post-separation commerce between Israel and the Territories.

The Workers Advice Center (WAC) has come under attack from the Registrar for Non-profit Associations, who wants to dismantle it because of its ties to the Organization for Democratic Action, a (perfectly legal) left-wing party. WAC insists on its right to go on with its work. In four articles, we tackle some deeper aspects of the issue: In Accusations and Answers we present the Registrar's charges and WAC's replies. Of Parties and NGOs discusses the Link Between ODA and WAC. We interview Professor Itzhak Galnoor, head of a research committee on the Third Sector, concerning Civil Society and the State. We also interview Two Workers, members of WAC.

Video 48 has produced its third documentary, Breaking Walls, in which WAC workers join artists to paint a mural at an Arab village. We present a review of the film.

In December 2004, 75 Israeli artists joined the activists of Hanitzotz Publishing House, contributing works to a benefit Sale for the Baqa Center in Jaffa. We cover the event and provide internet links to many of the pictures.

We wish our readers a year of productive struggle to end the occupations of Iraq and Palestine, to overcome poverty and suffering, and to free us all from the yoke of capitalist exploitation. "end"

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