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Issue 86, July/August 2004

Imperial Misconceptions


EWARE the Misconceptions of the mighty, we write in our editorial. The Pentagon has been permeated by costly misconceptions about Iraq: from WMD to the happy consequences of American occupation. Israel, a regional power, has been permeated by a misconception of its own: the belief that there is "no Palestinian partner". This myth helped give rise, we claim, to the current Intifada. Now it has engendered another dangerous step: Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's plan to disengage unilaterally from Gaza.

Bamat Etgar, a cultural and political platform in Jaffa, has hosted a panel on this Disengagement plan, linking it to the Death of the Two-State Solution. Hani Issawi a left-wing Palestinian, and Yacov Ben Efrat, General Secretary of the ODA, engage in a trenchant discussion. Taking up its economic aspect, Assaf Adiv explains that Gaza Cannot Survive Sharon-style "Disengagement".

The third largest party in the Knesset 12 years ago, Meretz offered hope to the Palestinian cause from the side of the Israeli Left. After binding itself to the Oslo Agreement, this party has declined to the point where, in late May of this year, it took part in a major demonstration supporting Sharon and his plan. We present a paper tracing the trajectory of Meretz from Rabin to Sharon.

Challenge also talks with the Buttocks Ensemble, played by actors Nadav Bosem and Yuval Segev, whose "amiable settler lady" and "affable cop" read chauvinist, sometimes racist, but always warmly-felt Poetry before delighted (usually left-wing) multitudes. Bosem and Segev put their fingers on a nerve.

Finally, Sindyanna of Galilee has accumulated much News since our last report, as well as fresh marketing ideas, which our readers may wish to adopt. "end"

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