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Issue 87, September/October 2004

Throes of Disengagement

The Disengagement Plan is causing Throes both in the party of its author, Israeli PM Ariel Sharon, and in Fatah, the movement of PA President Yasser Arafat. Sharon is close to losing his Knesset majority, in which case Israel will have to hold new elections. In Gaza, the mere possibility of Israeli withdrawal has opened the question of who will rule after.

An analysis of the Second Intifada: From Camp David to Chaos provides the background to the present disruptions. It is the second in a series of papers from the ODA Convention in June 2004.

Anti-Semitic actions have become more frequent in Europe. Israel's defenders have lately taken to Spreading the Stain of anti-Semitism in order to cover anyone who criticizes Israel's treatment of the Palestinians. It is crucial therefore to distinguish between anti-Semitism and legitimate anti-Zionism. We reprint an article written by Asma Agbarieh of our editorial board for the September issue of the New Internationalist.

In education, Israeli pupils place in the lowest quartile of youth in 40 developed and developing countries. Within a few years, the country stands to lose its competitive edge. Responding to this "deep crisis," the Ministry of Education appointed the Dovrat Commission, whose recommendations swing between Populism and Elitism. It is doubtful whether the expensive overhaul will take place, but the Report itself displays the cognitive dissonance that, since 1948, has been this country's nemesis.

Baqa and WAC engaged in their own educational project at their annual summer camp. A hundred children journeyed with a Worker through History, from the caves of Carmel to the palaces of high-tech and the massive new sweatshops of China.

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